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Rustico Pancetta

Sold out.

Our Air Dried, Cured Pancetta is unlike any other type of pancetta you can find in a super market or deli. This is an old world, rustico type of pancetta; it’s flavorful and has some “heat.”

You might ask…What makes OURS the BEST?



First—we offer six (6) different types of Rustico Pancetta…However—our Pancetta is the only pancetta we have ever seen in the USA that is slow-aged for 3 months; you still fry or simmer this Pancetta like normal, but it’s a bit of a hybrid Pancetta that TRULY captures the taste of the old world…



Modern, “Americanized” Pancetta is usually aged for only 1 week…What’s the use of that???






Sweet Calabrese : Cured Pork Belly - Paprika, Cayenne, and other “sweet” spices seasonings. $9.50

-Choose with Rind or Without



Sicilian : Cured Pork Belly - Paprika, Cayenne, Crushed Red Pepper and other seasonings. $9.50

-Choose with Rind or Without



Garlic & Pepper : Cured Pork Belly - Garlic, Black Pepper, Salt and other seasonings. $9.50

-Choose with Rind or Without




***Our Pancetta is aged for 3 months; great saute, fry or use it for stew.



***Note...This product is cured but you still will heat this product before consumption; sauté, fry or stew.

***Product size varies; normally around .80 - 1 LB.

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