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Our Flagship Principals, School Directors, Deans & Educational Leaders group  which has an enormous and incredibly active membership of almost 90,000 academic leaders, teachers, principals, counselors, executives and more...The LARGEST EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP group on LinkedIn.....EXTREMELY ACTIVE!!!

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Chief Medical Officers & K-20 Academic Network

The National HIGHER EDUCATION Executive I.T. & H.R. Council

The National Higher Ed & Life Sciences Job Portal

National Academic & Legal Executives Society (INTELLEN)


The International Education & STEM Group

The National S.T.E.M. Network

Society of College Medicine & K-20 Network (FREE Public Health)

School Safety & Stop-Bullying Group 

K-20 Education & Space Tourism Group (Managed by

The Higher Education Technology Leaders Forum

National Dentists & Dental Professionals Society

Intellen STEM Group

The National Farmers Market Club


The Global K-12 & STEM Society

East Coast Higher Ed & Artificial Intelligence Group

Global S.T.E.M. & Academic Technology Society

The National All Girl's School Educational Society

National STEM Foundation


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