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One (1) Jug of Copa (Capicola)

Sold out.

Each JUG Contains six (6) Copa also known as Capicola.

Copa is a wonderful and complex product that is made with a lot of time and energy. Copa is typically aged in a rustico fashion for 1 year or more.

Nice marbling and kept in an all natural casing; store these in oil (i.e. in the jug that is included) or eat when they arrive.

Aged perfection....Contains various Italian Seasonings, Paprika, Pepper and Sea Salt....



NOTE: When we "ship" jugs of copa we cryovac the copa and put them in a container; we do not include the oil for obvious safety and shipping reasons. If you were to pick this product up we "would" include the oil. When the copa arrives you can either consume it, put in fridge for a few days or you can absolutely store them in all natural oil. Stored in a dark and cool place. 


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