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Five (5) Job Posting - $70.00/Per

In terms of hiring Acadeic Talent we do it better, faster and cheaper than the competition because we source our MEMBERS and their friends...

 ****FIVE (5) Job Posting for only $70 per post****


****And-----1/2 of our total mission is charitable by nature....A true WIN-WIN value proposition..****


    What do you get in terms of advertising your position(s)?
    Your POSTING will be advertised in TEN (10) of our MOST POPULAR managed groups!
    *This is why we are so niche - ALL of the people in our groups manually registered and requested to be part of these groups. Hence they are very good from a pure membership perspective. We would determine the best overall match for what you are looking to hire for. On average 10 of our groups have about 150,000 (or more) ACTIVE members total.

    It will also be visible on our website under the NEWS category (This is HUGE--we are highly visited and extremely well connected and known)


    Lastly---it will be messaged directly to 100,000 Academic professionals (mostly principals, teachers, admins and executives) who have requested such postings and "opted-in"

    Our MEMBERS make the BEST employees!!!



    After you send payment kindly send us your Job Requirement Specifications via one of the following methods:

    1. Click on the CONTACT US Mail Button on the Bottom Right of the screen. Fill out required information and press send.

    2. eMail your Information to; in the subject line type JOB POSTING



    Q. Do you offer any type of a discount if we post more than 1 job?

    A. YES----we also sell JOB POSTING Blocks of 2 and 5...eMail with any questions.......

    Q. What groups most likely will this be posted in?

    A. We will always post on our Flagship Principals, School Directors, Deans & Educational Leaders group which has an enormous and incredibly active membership of almost 75,000 academic leaders, teachers, executives and more....

    The other 9 are typically---but not always---selected from the following:

     Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    We promise to only send you good things.