The LOCAL cattle we work with are born and raised on small, Pennsylvania (Lancaster area) family ranches that we have used for decades. This is TRUE LOCAL & ALL NATURAL Beef; Hormone free!!!

They have ample grazing room and are finished on grain.

Strict standards dictate the humane handling of the cattle during transport, providing a low-stress environment throughout their entire lives.

Your $350 down payment is taken off of the total purchase price based upon which package you choose below. Compare the pricing below to the Super Market average of $6.99 - $19.99/LB depending on your cut.

You can not buy quality like this at a chain supermarket.


CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGE BELOW: Price per LB does not include the processing and packaging fees of .75/lb for labor. 

A. HALF OF BEEF ($3.50/lb)

Hanging Weight – Approximately 360-420 lbs
(Roughly 1/4 loss from cutting & trimming)
Includes cuts from both Front & Hind Quarters (see below)


B. Front Quarter ($3.55/lb)

Hanging Weight – Approximately 180-220 lbs
(Roughly 1/4 loss from cutting & trimming)
7-Bone Chuck Roast
Blade Roast
Chuck Steak
Rib Roast
Rib Steak
Whole Beef Brisket
Club Steak
Round Bone Arm Roast
Stew Meat
Ground Chuck

C. Hind Quarter ($3.55/lb)

Hanging Weight – Approximately 180 - 220 lbs
(Roughly 1/4 loss from cutting & trimming)
T-Bone Steak
Porterhouse Steak
Sirloin Steak
Round Steak
Rump Roast
Sirloin Tip Roast or Steak
Flank Steak
Loin Skirt Steak
Tenderized Cube Steak
Heel Roast or Stew Meat
Swiss Steak
Top Round Steak
Tri-Tip Roast
Stew Meat
Ground Beef



$3.55 per hanging weight pound for the beef.

$  .75 per hanging weight pound  for cut, wrap, freeze, label, and aging.

$0.00 per steer processing fee (Everyone else charges this)


Tony purchases ¼ Freezer Beef Example:  (820 lbs. of hanging weight steer)

Tony buys 1 quarter weighing 205 lbs. (hanging weight) =

            $727.75  ($3.55 x 205 lbs) for the beef

            $153.75 ($.75 x 205) for butcher shop service

            $0.00 for the slaughter fee

Tony’s total will be aprox. $881.50