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So.....What is an Independent Sales Rep?

In a nutshell Independent sales reps work outside of their associated company offices, and are a bit like business "partners" to the companies they represent.

Ind Reps oversee every aspect their operations, including marketing, customer service, order processing, and accounting.

Some of the perks include setting your own schedule, in this instance protecting your income by selling recurring revenue products, and your income is not capped.

While having a strong background in sales, knowledge of the products or services you’re selling, and an existing client base make starting out much easier, you do not need specialized training or specific experience to work in this sales field.

By joining our family you will not only earn good money but you will also be helping us promote Local Food, Farms, Cuisine, Organic Farming, Language, Culture and so MUCH MORE!

Our value proposition for both you and the learner is VERY swift.

It’s All about You

Being an Independent Partner means you control your own destiny. We can offer you all of the following:

  • You can work independently or with a team.
  • Become your own BOSS!!!
  • It's simple---advertise our programs---they enroll at a low cost--you are paid well.
  • Work your own hours. Earn a MUCH as you can imagine!
  • You have a means to earn money no matter what.
  • You start at a solid 15% spread of the Gross and can scale UP based on how much you sell!

By enrolling you agree to market our TIER-1 Virtual Programs:

Simply click on the link below to read more if you wish.

 Here is how it works....We give you a personal ID code to use. 

Submit the potential customers name to us with your code.

When a person buys we will send you a check for 15% of the overall sale. So------if someone spends $1000 you make $150... 

***BEST OF ALL..............Much of what we sell ONLINE is recurring revenue. So for example if a student enrolls in a learning program for multiple months--you get paid the same % every single month...

WE get Paid---YOU get Paid.

Thats' it : )

You have ZERO RISK............We are not asking for ANY Money whatsoever...This is a partnership. Enroll here and start selling and generating funds.

Thanks again for enrolling!!!!! We are HAPPY to speak with you in more detail should you wish. 


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