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Here is how it works....We give you personalized web links to market and/or share with friends. We also give you PDF's (8 1/2 x 11)  that you simply need to hang up or display at your facility. 

When a person buys anything from you we will send you a check in the following amounts:

A. If they Purchase a "Party or Event" package we will cut you a check for $50.00 each time it happens. (Example A Above). This can be sold to direct consumers or businesses 2 business (B2B).

B. If they enroll in one of our Online Language/Culture/Food Programs we will cut you a check for 15% of the Gross each time it happens. (Example B Above). This is typically sold direct to consumer.

WE get Paid---YOU get Paid.

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Thanks again for enrolling!!!!! We are HAPPY to speak with you in more detail should you wish. ALL WE ASK is that if you say you are going to actually market these services that you indeed take the time to market them. Spreading the word via Social Networking and emails is a great/simple/effective way to do this. Hanging up a piece of paper in your facility---I mean---come on---what is easier than that?

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OVER Three (3) Million People in our Network! is the LARGEST All Natural, ARTISAN Focused Brewery, Winery, Distillery, Cidery, Farm & Farmers Market Network on planet Earth. Over 3 million people and 40,000 businesses in our global network network; we manage 45 MEMBER-ONLY groups & various highly visited websites. Did you know... Our company mission is 1/2 charitable. is a Division of Bressi Family Foods (Since 1924).


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