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***The Concept in a Nutshell: “Made in the USA" GRASS FED farm products PICKED UP OR DELIVERED (depends on the farm) to your place of work, school and/or organization by our exclusive farm partners. Build a Productive and Appreciative community and workforce that appreciates Made in the USA....

 Support the LOCAL Economy…BUY AMERICAN...............BUY LOCAL….



1. Support the US economy & LOCAL Farmers

First and foremost - as you would more than likely naturally assume - buying in the US stimulates our own economy. Supporting local and US companies is a great way to keep money here at home and continue to support local companies in order to help them grow and thrive.

2. Support US jobs

Similarly, buying a US made product means that you are supporting the jobs at that company.

3. Protect the environment

While we cannot generalize for every country, but it has been shown that environmental protection laws for factories are much more stringent in the United States than in other countries.

Brahms Mount, for example, must adhere to these laws as we create textiles. For example, other textile manufacturing plants outside of the US may use harsh chemical on their products. We also work hard to produce and promote environmentally friendly practices and textiles as often as we can.

4. Enhanced sense of community

Supporting MADE IN THE USA helps strengthen the sense of community in supporting our fellow American workers.

5. Protect the safety of workers

Similar to the environment, the US requires certain safety standards that factories and manufacturing companies must adhere to. You've heard the factory horror stories from around the world...not every country has such strict law enforcement. Know that by buying US made products, you're also supporting the safety of the American workers.


All goods are Seasonal products; these items are based on the "time of the year." 

Once you enroll and you are interested we are happy to call our LOCAL FARM Partners in your area when needed to send you a detailed list of what they have available and on sale. Our LOCAL Farm Partners (LFP) are exclusive partners and friends who participate in the program. We will also be in contact to coordinate delivery days/times, etc...

Pricing? How does it work???

Simple----we have partnered with local Grass Fed farms to secure the freshest seasonal products at a nice discount-----typically anywhere from 10% - 50% off depending on the particular time of the year and crops. We coordinate and negotiate everything for you. You pay the farm directly. Our Fee is a nominal 8% of the total which is billed separately------that's well below the discount we have already secured for you......It's a total WIN-WIN.

So----if you buy $1000 worth of product you pay the farm direct and also pay us a nominal fee of $80. And---the product that you received for $1000 would have normally cost SUBSTANTIALLY MORE depending on the farm.

Terms: By Enrolling in this partner program you are allowing us to work with our local partners to secure you low costs and great products from local farms. You agree to NOT attempt to work with our exclusive partners directly after the program starts; you also agree to pay the low 10% conversion fee going forward. 

Thanks for supporting a family owned, made local, MADE IN THE USA Company!


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