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Full Time

  Napa County Farm Bureau

  Napa, California

Reports to: Senior Manager

Job Summary: Executes member compliance with state-mandated programs and other duties

Major Duties/Responsibilities:

Manages member compliance with the Region 2 Water Board’s Vineyard General Permit program; develops written communications and tracking files for compliance and implements tasks related to compliance with the Vineyard General Permit;

Manages member compliance with Putah Creek Watershed Group/Irrigated Lands Program;

Participates in Natural Resources meetings and Board of Directors meetings as assigned;

Assists with public relations, prepares press releases; represents the organization to the community as needed;

Composes, designs, prepares, and edits special reports, brochures, flyers, letters and special
annual documents;

Takes minutes, subsequently develops and prepares final minutes for Board approval;

Researches background or information needed for decision-making process by CEO or Board of Directors;

Supervises organization of meetings and other events;

Additional duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Skills:

Ability to work with bookkeeping, invoices, accounts receivable;

Ability to prepare concise tracking reports and maintain tracking files;

Ability to meet and answer questions from the community and membership;

Writing, design, and computer skills including proficiency with Microsoft Office programs;

Familiarity with all general office equipment


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