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Start a DOMESTIC AND/OR GLOBAL Education Competition and watch your prospective student number and overall school exposure increase!!!

Flow Chart of our Process:

Are you looking for quality students? Want to attract US Based & International Students as well? Want to “think outside the box" in terms of both attracting the BEST and retaining the BEST?

Do you have very Tight/Limited Budgets?  

Whatever your rationale...................Let them COMPETE!!!!

Start a Global BRAIN WARS Competition today! This is a FUN and INTERESTING way to bring attention to your school, program and/or department. PERFECT for attracting students from around the block or around the Globe.
At the end of the day this scenario is a TRUE Win-Win for everyone involved…The institution receives the “best” overall prospective Students. The Participants & Winner(s) receives cash, bragging rights and/or notoriety… And............Best of all.......This is all done for literally pennies on the dollar because we are marketing to our MEMBERS & MEMBER SCHOOLS!!!

Our 12 million strong community of STEM/STEAM professionals, K-12 students, Higher Education students, Graduate students, Teachers, Alumni Professors, Educational Executives, Professionals, Parents, Friends and colleagues is comprised of experts from all of the following disciplines:

  • ​Physics
  • Aerospace
  • English or Language Arts
  • Science
  • Technology 
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Medical
  • Legal Studies
  • Business
  • Arts
  • Foreign Languages
  • History
  • Social Sciences
  • A.I.
  • Autonomous
  • Robotics
  • Music
  • And MUCH More...



We will serve as your Trusted partner and advisor; we collect just the fee indicated for this unique service.

***We collect no portion of tuition.


Q. OK.....Sounds amazing....I enrolled below; what's next.

A. We will set up a Brain Wars conference call to make sure we are on the same page. You will also email us a detailed description of the following within 1-2 weeks:

-What types of students are you looking to attract? 

-What are you trying to promote? This can be a specific department or the school itself or something else.

-The main value proposition (best reasons) as you see it for your particular University, College and/or Institution. What makes your school great and unique? This should be limited to about 250-400 words.

Q. What's the time frame. 

A. From the time you enroll we want to have the initial kick-off call and all paperwork signed and project kickoff within 30 days.

Q. What should the prizes look like?

A. Well---amazingly----we will take care of that on this end. This varies greatly depending on the competition. 

Q. After the conference call, competition review and sharing of information with your groups and network of resources do you do anything else or are you done at that point?

A. Yes---we take care of just about everything. And.....Once the competition is complete we interview the organizers and winners and post this to the news area(s) of our highly traveled websites. A competition should not last more than 30-45 days---and the most effective ones are shorter.

Q. How is it possible for you to do all of this for so little money?

A. We are looking at hosting various competitions at the same time world-wide. Our groups and member base already exists so the the infrastructure is already built.          Plus--since much of what we do is charitable by nature this falls in line with that methodology. We are VERY GOOD at what we do; hence-----very low risk option for our College and/or University partners is in-line with our value proposition as a trusted partner.

Q. At the end of the competition what does the school receive.

A. The school receives the names, email addresses and phone numbers of everyone who participated. The competitors were interested enough in your institution and the competition itself to participate. It is up to your admissions team and/or student services to do the rest post-competition. 


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