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Paleo Diet Snacks Gift Box, College Dorm, Military,Breakroom Bundle Gift (30 Count)

IT'S PALEO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paleo Snacks Gift Box, College Dorm, Military, Breakroom Bundle Gift (30 Count)....

NOTE: Our Paleo Snacks meet many of the criteria of the paleo diet..........Though the meat and fruits and nuts are certainly not all pasture based simply because we are mixing BOTH quality and low price..... 

Included are:

  • Beef Sticks and/or Jerky
  • Dried fruits and fruit rolls
  • Nuts and seeds (not legumes including peanuts)
  • Healthful oils
  • Perfect for businesses, work meetings, office break rooms, student care packages, sports team snacks, parties, and much more.
  • Lots of Individual Sized Snacks!
  • The perfect mix of sweet and savory snacks in each box
  • Select this is a gift at check out to include a personalized gift message.
  • Items in picture are subject to change upon availability and season
  • Products come in very nice wicker basket

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