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I have had a few people recently message me in terms of "organic" quality food vs. "all natural" food and other healthy eating scenarios.... What's better? What is the healthiest? And so on......
Well........Over the past few years the term "organic" has become really, really commercialized...
A bit of a money grab for the "right" to use the term organic. For me---by far the most trusted way to buy healthy all natural is to buy LOCALLY and to speak to the folks actually producing the products to make sure they live up to your specifications...
I recently read an article I wanted to share with you...I found it fairly disturbing and a bit strange.. In a nutshell the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (USDA/NOP) will now allow companies to petition to use nanotechnology in organic products, rather than prohibit it as was expected....Keep in mind this is an ORGANIC program.  
However---contrary to what we assumed-----the National Organic Program has devised a gateway for ushering nanomaterials into organic foods???? Come on....I mean Really????
Any way---I found this to be useful and I'm passing it on.

Written by CHRIS BRESSI — September 03, 2015

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